July 14-21, 2024
WTA 250 ATP Challenger Tour Tennis Canada

Terms and conditions

Granby National Bank Championships Terms and conditions

The collection, dissemination, transmission, publication or distribution of match results or statistics for betting or commercial purposes is prohibited for all ticket holders at all times during a match (from start to finish). The continued use of a laptop or other portable communication devices on the Tournament site (in areas reserved for spectators) near the courts where matches are being played is strictly prohibited. The only exception applies to accredited members of the media, official Tournament exhibitors and Tournament staff as part of their Tournament duties.


The prices, match schedules, session dates, number of matches and start times are subject to change without notice.

Should the day’s program or match schedule change, tickets shall not be exchanged or credited.

Ticket counterfeiting is strictly prohibited.

A ticket gives the holder the right to access the Tournament site but does not confer any other rights.

When a session is cancelled, refer to the policies of the Granby National Bank Championships.

When a session is rescheduled due to inclement weather or for any other reason beyond the Tournament’s control, the Granby National Bank Championships shall inform ticket holders of the process to follow.

A ticket shall be deemed invalid when it is reported lost in a sworn statement to the police.

The use of a ticket is subject to the Tournament rules in effect.

The ticket holder assumes all risk of injury, loss or damage and releases the Granby National Bank Championships from any liability for such damage or injury, whether before, during or after the session.

By accessing the Tournament site, the ticket holder gives Tennis Canada and the Granby National Bank Championships and its delegates and representatives the right to use her or his image, likeness, actions or statements in any audio or video reproduction and in any photographic document or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction of the Tournament created for commercial or promotional purposes without compensation or prior notice.

Cameras are allowed on site, but the use of flash photography is prohibited during matches.

Ticket holders are asked to take photos from their seat or behind the railings so as not to disturb the other spectators.

The Granby National Bank Championships reserve the right to eject or refuse entry, without compensation, to visitors who do not comply with these Tournament rules. Ejection voids the holder’s ticket and, consequently, the holder waives all claims for damages, including reimbursement of the ticket price.

All ticket sales are final. No exchanges. No refunds.

Information: billetterie@championnatsbngranby.com